British Ski Academy GBR Series Outdoor Race 3 Race Report

Written by Dryslope Ambassador Craig Speed

 Photo Credit: Racer Ready

On the third race of the season for the GBR series at Gloucester the racers gathered early in the morning ready for a day of racing. Everyone was preparing for the day ahead, all determined to win. With the sun shining down on the slope, practise was over and the course was set by Malcom Erskine one of the BSA coaches. The course was inspected and the racing began, everyone keen to know who would take the top spot in the first run as there had been different winners at every race previous.

At the end of the first run Oliver Weeks sat comfortably in the lead by 0.27 seconds over Declan Huppach with Robert Holmes in third. The female’s race was led by Georgia Hallett after Nicole Shering had a spectacular and very unlucky crash on her first run. Eva Pascoe followed Hallett with Jenny Davies coming in third. Could Pascoe and Davies catch Hallett’s 0.91 seconds lead.

It came down to the second run which was set again by Malcom Erskine with another great and interesting course. The females racers went first and nearly every racer coming down was getting faster, with Davies coming down in third setting a good time beating Pascoe’s second run time however it wasn’t enough to beat Hallett’s time. In the males’ race Holmes and Huppach had very similar times with only 0.03 seconds difference yet it wasn’t enough to beat Weeks’ comfortable lead that he had gained from the first run and with him setting another blistering time, he sat in first.

In the end the females’ race was won by Georgia Hallett by a comfortable 1.17 seconds lead over Eva Pascoe, who gained second, with Jenny Davies coming in third. In the males race Oliver Weeks took first place after winning both runs by 0.53 seconds, Declan Huppach took second with Robert Holmes taking third.

Overall it was a great day of racing with some very good courses being set , thanks to BSA for sponsoring the race and the series. The next races in the series will be held at Pontypool but who will claim victory as it is all to play for.

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