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You’ve arrived here because you’re interested in coaching or instructing skiers. Snowsport England is the governing body for English skiers and snowboarders. We are recognised by organisations such as Sport England and The International Federation of Ski Instructors as the awarding body for coaching and teaching skiing and snowboarding.

We offer a range of courses; whether you’re working part time at a local snowsports centre or building a career working with the best skiers and riders in the world. This site deals with our alpine sking awards. We also offer awards in other snowsports disciplines such as snowboarding, freestyle, nordic and telemark.

We offer two separate licencing award pathways for coaches and instructors: development and performance



Development instructors operate within clubs, organisations and ski centres working with recreation skiers from complete beginner to expert and beyond.

Each award is structured with candidates completing a training course, then undertaking further workplace training and a final examination. This allows you to develop as an instructor or coach at your own rate. You take the examination when you are ready

The pathway starts with the level 1 award which licences the instructor to work at an indoor snow slope or artificial ski slope with beginning skiers. This is the first step on the instructing ladder. Once you have completed the level 1 award you can then start training for Level 2. This award allows you to operate at an indoor snow slope or dry ski slope with more expert skiers.

Many Level 2 instructors then take the step to train as a level 3 coach. The level 3 coach allows the holder to work with their skiers on a long term basis, planning and designing a training programme. Our most highly qualified development coaches hold the internationally recognised Level 4 licence. In addition to their UK licence Level 4 coaches are awarded a separate international accreditation which is recognised by the snowsports community worldwide.

The Level 1 Instructor Award trains and qualifies candidates to work with novice participants on artificial slopes.

The Level 2 Instructor Award trains and qualifies candidates to work with advanced participants on artificial slopes.

The Level 3 Coach Award trains and licences candidates to work with a skiers on a long term basis at a local ski centre, planning and modifying a programme rather than just delivering individual lessons.

The Level 4 Coach Award trains and qualifies candidates to work with club participants in an alpine environment and lays the ground to prepare candidates as course tutors, developing the next generation of skiers and coaches



Coaches in this pathway operate with competitive athletes, from skiers and snowboarders getting ready for their first event right up to training to be the best in the world.

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Our development pathway caters for recreational skiing and snowboarding. If you want to work with performers who want to become competitive skiers then the route to follow is the United Kingdom Coaching Pathway.

The United Kingdom Coaching Pathway [UKCP]

The UKCP supersedes and encompassess all previous coaching or performance qualifications. This is a combined project between BSS, Snowsport Scotland, Snowsport England and Snowsport Wales who will all be offering the same qualifications – with the same names and same course content.

UK Coaching Pathway courses are organised by all partners in the project and are recognised by all British Snowsports licencing bodies. Currently the pathway covers alpine skiing but courses for freestyle and snowboarding are under development.

UKCP qualifications do not licence you to work in a ski school, as an instructor or with recreational skiers.

There are four levels to each discipline

Level 1 – Entry Level Coach
Level 2 – Club Coach/League Coach
Level 3 – Head Coach/Junior Coach
Level 4 – National Team Coach


UKCP Level 1 Alpine
UKCP Level 2 Alpine
UKCP Level 3 Alpine
UKCP Level 4 Alpine



UKCP Level 1 Freestyle

UKCP Level 2 Freestyle
UKCP Level 3 Freestyle
UKCP Level 4 Freestyle



UKCP Level 1 Snowboard
UKCP Level 2 Snowboard
UKCP Level 3 Snowboard
UKCP Level 1 Snowboard
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