Member consultation on our new Articles of Association

A modern framework for excellent governance Snowsport England

The existing Articles of Association of Snowsport England are being revised to:-

  • Reflect best practice corporate governance principles;
  • Ensure Snowsport England complies with the new UK Sport and Sport England Code for Sports Governance; and
  • Establish Snowsport England as a market leader amongst National Governing Bodies, in governance terms.

A great deal of time and care has been spent on preparing new Articles of Association (a copy of which can be found here), to ensure these objectives are met.  The new Articles will be presented for approval at the AGM on 16 May 2017 and we are running a consultation period between 16 February and 9 March 2017, during which we should be grateful if you would let us have any comments or questions you may have on the Articles.

Here are the three key points to take away from the new Articles:-
1.         The new Articles are drafted in clear, everyday language to ensure they can be easily read and interpreted by all stakeholders of Snowsport England.  Lengthy or out-of-date provisions in the existing Articles have been shortened or (if they are not required) removed, to ensure the new Articles are concise and reflect the modern-day position of Snowsport England.
2.         The rights and protections currently available to members of Snowsport England are not in any way diluted by the new Articles.  In fact some provisions have been slightly strengthened (for example, the number of members that need to be present in person or by proxy for a general meeting to go ahead has been slightly increased, to ensure that a small number of members are not able to force through resolutions which do not reflect the opinion of the majority).
3.         Where appropriate, provisions in the existing Articles that are more appropriately located in:
(a)       “Rules” (which will contain the membership rules of Snowsport England); and
(b)       “Regulations” (which will contain the various policies, terms of reference, election regulations, etc. of Snowsport England), have been excluded from the new Articles.  Going forward, the Board will be able to make and amend Rules and Regulations for the better administration of Snowsport England.  This will allow the Board to govern Snowsport England on a day-to-day basis in a more efficient and flexible manner, consistent with best practice.

We look forward to hearing from you with any comments or questions you may have on the new Articles on or before 9 March 2017.

Please do contact us via email on

Best regards 
Tim Fawke
Chief Executive
Snowsport England

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