Robert Holmes


Dryslope Ambassador


Pendle Ski Club & Team Evolution


Fort Trust, Lancashire Rising Stars, Cheeky Monkeys, Fischer & Shred Optics.

Equipment Used: 

Boots: Fischer Ski's / Snowboard: Fischer

Local Slope: 

Pendle Ski Slope

Season Goals: 

Win English Championship Slalom Win British Championships Slalom GB International Selection

Long-term Goals: 

British Number 1 & go to the Olympics

What does it mean to be selected?: 

It shows that my hard work is paying off and is great to be recognised by the governing body.

Who is your snowsports Role Model?: 

Dave Ryding & Laurie Taylor

Where is your favourite place to ski or snowboard?: 

UK: Pendle Ski Club Non-UK: Reiteralm

What are your #PyeongchangPredictions for the 2018 Winter Olympics?: 

1st in men's Slalom- Dave Ryding 1st in men's Giant Slalom- Laurie Taylor





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