Siddhartha Martin Ullah


Park & Pipe Snowboard


Boyd Snowboard Consultancy


Yea Nice! for headwear (facemasks & beanies), Spy for goggles

Equipment Used: 

Boots: Burton Ski's / Snowboard: Burton

Local Slope: 

Mountain High in Wrightwood, California

Season Goals: 

To go as big as I can. To master new spins and inversions. To challenge myself and have fun.

Long-term Goals: 

To be a professional and an Olympian representing my country. I would also like to a positive role model to younger kids and my community. I would like to encourage other Black and Asian kids to get into snowboarding.

What does it mean to be selected?: 

It is big honor and super cool. I am very proud and humbled to represent my country. It motivates me to do my best and is an exciting challenge.

Who is your snowsports Role Model?: 

Ayumu Hirano, Raibu Katayama and Shaun White

Where is your favourite place to ski or snowboard?: 

UK: Snow Center, Hemel Non-UK: Aomori Springs, Japan; LAAX, Switzerland; Vail, Colorado, USA

What are your #PyeongchangPredictions for the 2018 Winter Olympics?: 

Britain will have the most medals!!






Anything else?: 

My name is Siddhartha Martin Ullah. I am from England and America. I stared snowboarding regularly when I was 6 but the first time I got on a snowboard was when I was two.  Because I had so much energy and I was doing flips off my bed, my mom and dad decided to find some sports for me to try. They let me try skiing and snowboarding and decide which I liked more. I chose snowboarding after spending one day trying each. I like snowboarding because it is fun. It also clears my mind. It makes me feel free. When I snow board, my mind is blank. I don't think about anything else except what I am doing. I don't remember much about the first time I snowboarded because I was really young. I went few times with my family at big bear. When I was four my mom took me to Heavenly at Tahoe and I spent a week in snowboard school. That's where I took a chairlift for the first time. I still didn't really know how to turn until I was five and my mom put me in a program called Blue Angels, which was mostly for older kids. Every Saturday in the winter, I would have to get up at 5:30AM and eat half a bagel. I remember waking up and crying because I didn't want to go. My mom would take me to a bus stop where a bus would take kids to Mountain High. All the kids were a lot older, I was the youngest kid there, every one else was 8 or 9 or 10 and there were even some teenagers. I was really scared on the way there. But when I got there, I had so much fun. I didn't want to part from the hill. I loved snowboarding. After I did Blue Angels, I wanted to do a more competitive program. I had watched the Olympics and it inspired me to try to become a professional snowboarder. Mountain High had a team, so joined that. It was a lot of fun, even though I was again the youngest kid in the group by a couple of years! After doing the Mountain High team for two years, my mom and I realized that Southern California did not have the best snow conditions. We looked at different program and really liked the program the programs in Vail. When I was nine, we moved to the Rockies for the winter and since then, I have been really serious about my snowboarding. I've gotten to spend the past two years snowboarding almost all year around, going to Mt. Hood and New Zealand in the summer and riding in Colorado in the winter. I love getting to travel and seeing different places. It's really cool to also meet people from all different parts of the world, a lot of who don't speak English, but still have something in common. Even though I am only ten years old and have a long way to go, I know that this is what I want to do. I know that it will take a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But I love snowboarding and I am going to work as hard as I can to be a great athlete and positive role model.
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