Telemark Level 4 Coach


The Level 4 Telemark Coach award is gained on successful completion of an approved Level 4 training and assessment course.   
The role of the Level 4 Telemark Coach is to engage and progress the personal development of SSE club skiers, at all levels at home and abroad. This may include coaching SSE members abroad under IVSI protocols. With a current IVSI licence the Level 4 Coach is authorized to operate world-wide, subject to IVSI protocols. 
 A Level 4 Coach is therefore a person whose high levels of skill, experience and knowledge enable them to contribute significantly to the development of their skiers and their club or organisation. He or she can synthesize knowledge from various sources, develop it further and apply it creatively to their coaching to take the sport and their skier candidates forward. They can organise and adapt their short and long term coaching planning to respond to any challenges. Level 4 Telemark Coaches are likely to have a role in the training and monitoring of the next generation of coaches. 
Assessment will require the individual to demonstrate the appropriate level of skill to fulfil the practical skiing and coaching standards specified for assessment below.  With the Level 4 award, the Coach is entitled to work with skiers at all levels of development including those seeking specialization in competition or coaching.  
Prerequisites for Level 4 Training 
Level 4 candidates must fulfil the following requirements:  

  • be registered with SSE as a qualified SSE Telemark Level 3 Coach or apply for accreditation of prior learning or external qualifications   hold a valid first aid certificate  have satisfied current CRB criteria  the candidate must apply and book on a Level 4 training course via the SSE Telemark Coaching Administrator  

 Level 4 Training and Assessment Course Standards and Requirements 
Qualification is awarded to candidates successfully completing an SSE Telemark Level 4 Training and Assessment course and through satisfying the criteria outlined below.  The Training and Assessment course lasts for six days and takes place on piste in a complex ski resort. The course will focus on a range of coach education content balanced with personal ski performance and group management aspects. The aspirant Level 4 candidate will be expected to:  

  • demonstrate personal skiing at the appropriate standard. The Level 4 Coach will be a strong skilful skier who is versatile and adaptable
  • lead and manage other skiers whilst demonstrating the appropriate technical elements required whilst skiing most areas of a complex mountain ski resort.  
  • reveal a high level of understanding of all aspects of the sport, including awareness of coaching styles and technical aspects of personal performance telemark skiing relevant to SSE Levels 1, 2 and 3 Telemark Coaching awards.  
  • coach groups of other candidates showing :
    • a) a clear understanding of the role of a Level 4 Coach as motivator and mentor to individuals and groups
    • b) the physical, psychological, technical and tactical dimensions of skilful skiing, athlete profiling and personal development.
    • c) appropriate interaction with (and personal attitude towards) others including the group and other SSE members, thereby demonstrating a range of communication, training and assessment styles, techniques and procedures.
    • d) relevant health and safety standards and dynamic risk assessment.  
    • e) underpinning knowledge of Telemark skiing, SSE coaching philosophy and the SSE Telemark Coaching awards Levels 1, 2 and 3.  
  • submit a coaching portfolio to the Telemark Senior Tutor that includes athlete profiling, covering a minimum period of 6 months. The portfolio will be marked and reviewed by a senior tutor.   

Level 4 candidates will be assessed continuously throughout the six days. The assessment will be based on the evidence of the candidates’ understanding and competence in meeting the Level 4 criteria above. Underpinning knowledge will be evaluated aurally through discussion and the candidates’ own presentations and delivery sessions. The assessment of all practical topics will be based on performance on snow when delivering skiing and coaching sessions to other members of the group.  

Overview of Assessment Requirements 

  •  fulfilling prerequisites  completion of an SSE Telemark Level 4 Training and Assessment course  skiing at the appropriate standard  coaching at the appropriate standard  
  • underpinning knowledge of SSE coaching philosophy and the SSE Telemark Coaching awards Levels 1, 2 and 3.  submit a coaching portfolio that includes athlete profiling, covering a minimum period of 6 months. 

On satisfactory completion of the above the candidate will be awarded a SSE Level 4 Telemark Coach Award. 
Assessment outcomes for the Level 4 Telemark Coach Award 

There are three possible assessment outcomes for this award:- 

  • Pass - when all aspects of the assessment have been satisfactorily completed.  
  • Deferral - when one or more aspects of the assessment must be retaken or backed up with further evidence.  
  • Fail - when the candidate has to repeat all aspects of both the Training and Assessment components of the course. 

On completion of SSE Telemark Level 4 training and assessment, the Tutor/Assessor will report the results to the Telemark Coaching Award Scheme Administrator. 
All Level 4 Coaches are required to attend an approved SSE refresher course at least once every three years.   This is to keep them abreast of the latest developments in both skiing and coaching techniques.   A revalidation session will be for a minimum of one day and shall include theoretical and practical elements.  In addition it shall include a review of coaching philosophy and development.   
Attendance and participation at the annual one week SSE Nordic course will automatically revalidate SSE Coaches/Instructors.  
A number of other options to revalidate an award shall be considered if an application is made to the Telemark Coaching Scheme Administrator. Examples include attending an SSE annual conference, attending an SSE Telemark festival. 

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