Coaches and Instructors

You need to do a safeguarding course every 3 years.

Which course?

  1.  Initially (usually when you do your Snowsport instructor’s course) you must do the face to face SportsCoach UK “Safeguarding and Protecting Children” (SPC), or a “sports” safeguarding course (see list of tutors we will accept ).
  2. Three years later, you can choose to do a face to face sports safeguarding course, or an on line e-learning sports safeguarding course.

Why?  You need to be aware of good safeguarding practice in snowsport and know what to do if you see or hear something that causes you concern, or if a child tells you something that causes them concern.   By completing a safeguarding course every 3 years, we can ensure all who work with children in snowsport are up to date with best practice and you can be confident in your approach when working with children.

When?  When you join SSE, or are renewing your membership we will be asking for proof of attendance in the last 3 years.  Please upload your certificate onto your Membership profile page.

How do I book a course?

Initial Course

Choose one:

Every 3 Years - choose one

Either Face-To-Face

Or E-learning (Only suitable as a refresher)


Other courses may be added as they become available, and if accepted by SSE


Any Questions?

Contact Bridget Owen

Safeguarding Lead  


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