Got all the right gear? Is your helmet up to the job?

Ready for Bormio? Got all the right gear? Is your helmet up to the job? If you turn up at the start wearing your current helmet, will you even be allowed to race?

When preparing for a big competition, many of us take a lot of time sorting out the right skis, deciding on the right file for the edges, and choosing the right wax for the snow conditions. But what about that most vital piece of equipment, your helmet? Is it in good condition? Did it get dropped on the pavement when getting into the bus? Does it fit properly? Is it even the right helmet for the races you are going to do?

The rules are very clear, and will be enforced. Not because we like being difficult, but for your own safety. If you appear at the start wearing something that doesn't conform to the rules, you are liable to be told you cannot start the race. So please take a few minutes to check before it is too late.

For Slalom you can use a "soft eared" helmet, but for all other races including Giant Slalom you must have a hard shell helmet that covers head and ears. Nothing can be added 'post manufacture'. This includes camera mounts, so if your helmet has one, please go and get another helmet.

Even if you have the right type of helmet, it is also worth taking a few minutes to check it over while there is still time to get hold of a replacement. Check the surface to make sure there is no sign of damage, and look at the straps to see if there is any sign of fraying or wear. You need to look after your helmet, so that it can look after you if something goes wrong on the hill.

Full details about the correct helmets to use are available here:

If you have any questions, please email us at and we will be happy to help.

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