How to Apply for a DBS Disclosure

  1. Please complete the short application form to enable us to e mail you the correct log in details.  NB If you are a member you must tick the box “Are you currently a member of Snowsport England, as a coach or instructor” otherwise you will be charged the non member fee, payable at this stage
  2. You must say whether you are applying for a volunteer role DBS, or a paid role DBS.  DBS state a volunteer can only get paid out of pocket expenses (eg this would cover 45p a mile to and from the Centre, and £2 or £3 for a sandwich and drink).  If you receive any payment in addition to this, for any part of your Snowsport work, you must apply for a paid role DBS.
  3. You will then be e mailed log in details
  4. You should complete the DBS application form.  If you are applying for a DBS for a paid role, or you are not a member of SSE you will need to enter your credit card or Pay Pal details
  5. If you have selected “Remote ID Verifying” (over 18s only) your application will be verified remotely and submitted to the DBS
  6. If you have selected “Local ID verifying” your ID verifier will be forwarded your application form.  You must arrange to meet them to have your ID verified.  Your application will then be submitted to the DBS by the ID verifier.

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