How much does a DBS Disclosure cost?

FREE - If you are you a coaching scheme member of SSE, and a Volunteer, or a CWO in a club registered with Snowsport England.

£51.20 - If you a coaching scheme member, and paid for your snowsport work (some or all of it).  Snowsport England does not charge members - the DBS charge £44 and our Umbrella Body charges £7.20 for processing your application. 

£22.20 - If you are a volunteer, but not a coaching scheme member of SSE.


£22.20 - If you are a Club Welfare Officer in a club or organisation not affiliated to SSE.


£66.20 - If you are paid for some or all of your snowsport work, and you are not a coaching scheme member of SSE. 

We are only able to process your application as a member of Snowsport England if you are a Licenced coaching scheme member, or have joined SSE as a trainee instructor, or are a Club Welfare Officer for one of our member clubs.  We can process disclosures for others within Snowsports but non-member fees apply.


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