Should I join the DBS Update Service?

The Update Service was introduced by the Government in 2013 and is designed to make your DBS disclosure more portable, but in a safe way, negating the need for multiple disclosures. If you join the Update Service and remain a member, instead of asking you to complete a new disclosure in 3 years’ time, we will be able to go on line and do a quick free “Status Update check” to ensure your criminal record remains unchanged.  If it has not changed, you will not need to redo your DBS in 3 years time.  If it has changed, you will need to.  Other organisations can choose to accept your disclosure and do their own Status Update check too.

The Update Service is free for volunteers and the DBS charge £13 a year for paid roles.  Registering for the Update Service must be done within 19 days of the issue of the disclosure, and is done via the DBS website


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