Coaching & Instructing

Becoming a ski and snowboard instructor or coach can be extremely fulfilling, as you pass on your knowledge and love of our sport to those who are just starting out, or trying to develop themselves further. Whether you're teaching people to ski or snowboard for the first time, or helping them progress in a specific discipline, we offer a variety of qualifications as part of our coaching scheme.

The coaching award scheme supports the sport by training and grading coaches that work as various levels within clubs and organisations. This includes instructors providing short-term foundation training on artificial ski slopes and coaches who work with skiers on a long term basis (on artificial ski slopes and on snow).

To find out more about becoming an instructor, please click here to discover the UKSS Pathway

To find out more about becoming a development coach, please click here to understand the UKCP Pathway

To see what opportunities within Nordic skiing there are, please click here to view the Nordic Coaching Awards

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