ERSA Schools Race Attracts Over 300 Racer Despite The Rain

Last Sunday over 300 racers from schools around the ERSA region competed in the annual ERSA Schools Race at Norfolk Snowsports Club.  

 Photo Credit: Racer Ready Ski Magazine

Thank you to all the Schools (racers, teachers and parents) who attended Sunday's ERSA Schools Races and I hope that you all enjoyed the day.  Also an equally big thank you to the race organisers and officials.

As part of ERSA’s saying thank you  o the School Racers, ERSA have teamed up with one of our amazing sponsors, Racer Ready Ski-Magazine to offer to all the racers free download of the race photographs he has taken and uploaded to his website from the race, for your own and schools use!

To get the free pics, what you need to do is this:
Click on this link:  This takes you to the ERSA Schools folder on Racer Ready photo website.  From here choose the school / team, etc that you were in.Once you have found a picture that you like, open it up so it is on the screen. Above the picture there will be three logos. Click on the Right hand logo (Download), this will then ask you what size picture you want. Click on the Original option, then enter when prompted 2018-ERSASchools click download and the file will download to your computer. You must enter this prompt as written.

DO NOT GOT TO THE CHECKOUT as you will be charged and as part of this free offer we cannot organise a refund - sorry.

Massive thank you to Neil at Racer Ready Ski-Magazine for his continued help and support throughout each and every year and also at the ERSA events.


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