Nordic Proficiency Awards

What Are They?

The Nordic Proficiency Scheme offers skiers a 5 step programme of awards from beginner to expert. Starting with basic skiing skills at 1* the Awards take skiers through the range of Nordic techniques to advanced and refined skiing at 5*. There are Awards at each level for cross-country on snow (S) and/or rollerskiing (R), At each level they cover the key skiing skills and appropriate equipment.



Who are the Proficiency Awards for?


Any interested skier! 1* and 2* Awards are suitable for all skiers, whether on holiday or a course, and they provide a foundation for all types of Nordic skiing. 3* and above are more demanding, and more likely to be attained through a course or other event with tuition. 


How Do the Awards Progress?

The steps between the Awards are quite large, so there is real progression from one level to the next.

At 1* & 2* there is a modular approach with individual awards for classic and skating, which combine to form the full award.  Skiers can start with either technique, and progressively develop their skills one module at a time, or they can learn both styles simultaneously and go for the full award according to their preferences or facilities available. 


From 3* onwards there is a single award at each level which requires both classic and skating skills.

















3* is aimed at competent intermediate skiers.  It covers the spectrum of techniques for cross country skiing on prepared tracks, and requires competence and correct basic techniques and ability to tackle varying terrain without undue hesitation.  It provides the technical skills required for the Level 1 Cross Country (XC) Coaching Award.

4* is for advanced skiers.    Skiers should be able to perform all skills effectively and consistently, in varying terrain.  It provides the technical skills required for the Level 2 XC Coaching Award.

5* is an expert level and the skier should be an excellent performer in all aspects of XC, skiing fluently and easily throughout.  It provides the technical skills required for the Level 3 XC Coaching Award.

How Do I get Assessed for an Award?


You need to be assessed by a Snowsport England registered Coach, and there are various ways this can be done. SSE now offers assessment at all its rollerski and on-snow events. Many ski clubs run coaching programmes which can include Proficiency assessments, and some holiday companies offer assessment through courses and holidays. Any of the awards can be attained gradually over several assessments, or in a single session.


How Can I register on the Proficiency Scheme?


You can register directly by contacting the Adminstrator on


Some courses and coaching schemes also include registration.


Registration costs £5 for all awards on all surfaces. You recieve a scorecard, and a certificate for each award achieved.


Proficiency Criteria:




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