Officials Training

The volunteer officials are the reason that the summer ski race calandar is so busy! Each week they volunteer hours of their time to help a ski race run.

Being an official is a great way of supporting the skiing and snowboarding community, and its incredibly rewarding to be part of a smooth-running competition.

Many officials purely help out in the UK as part of the dryslope ski races, but some take it to the next level and  go out to Bormio each year to be part of the very successful English Alpine Champs competition team. Some take it even further and train to be able to officiate at some of the biggest international competitions.

If you'd like to know more about becoming a freestyle ski or snowboard official, please send us an email.

If you'd like to become a race official, then you can take the Level 1 Officials Training below!


Online Alpine Level 1 Officials Training

The training which follows is the first step you need to take in becoming a Snowsport England Level 1 Alpine Race Official.
Download the Gate Judge Brief card
Download the Officials Workbook
To join Snowsport England as a new member, please click here, and click the 'Joining for the first time' button. Select "Official" as the category and it will be completely free of charge.
Once you have registered, click below to launch the online training platform


Please save a copy of your certificate once you have completed the course, and send it to




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