Roller Ski Coaching Awards

Snowsport England provides a 4 step pathway for its Cross Country Coaching Awards. 

Below are listed the Roller Ski Instructing awards which are both downloadable



This scheme equips instructors and coaches with the skills needed to coach recreational skiers at all levels from beginner to expert, focussing on the requirements of English club skiers in SSE affiliated clubs.  It therefore places equal emphasis on on-snow and roller skiing.


At Levels 1 and 2 separate on-snow and roller ski instructor awards are provided; at Levels 3 and 4 the coach award covers both on-snow and roller ski.   Level 3 and 4 coaches are likely to contribute to the development of coaching within SSE.


The Coaching Awards are linked to the SSE Proficiency Awards: each Coaching Award specifies the requisite standard of technical skiing ability as defined by the Proficiency Awards.

Assessment of aspirant instructors and coaches is carried out by SSE Tutors (L1 and 2) and Senior Tutors (all levels).


SSE Cross Country Level 1 Roller Ski Instructor (Click for Full Version)

SSE Cross Country Level 2 Roller Ski Instructor (Click for Full Version)


Guidance Notes & Procedure for SSE Cross Country & Roller Ski Awards

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