Member Clubs of Snowsport Scotland, the governing body for skiing and snowboarding in Scotland, last night voted in favour of new Governance arrangements.


The new Articles of Association, were supported by 91% of the voting member clubs and lay the foundation for:


  •          Greater engagement between the governing body and the Snowsport community;
  •          The Board to implement an inclusive membership structure for clubs, facilities and individuals; and
  •          A competency-based Board structure consisting of both elected and independent appointed directors

Current Chairperson, Wayne Glasse Davies said “We have consulted extensively with Member Clubs and the Snowsport Community in forming these proposals and are delighted that the Member Clubs have endorsed them. It is vital that we now utilise this foundation to increase participation in Snowsports and increase the support offered to athletes aspiring to reach their potential.”


A sportscotland spokesperson added, “sportscotland is delighted at this news which aligns the organisation with best practice as outlined in the SGB Governance Framework. Snowsport plays a significant part in the sporting landscape in Scotland and we welcome the changes which will provide a platform for greater engagement, a more inclusive membership structure and improved governance arrangements.”


As a result of the historic vote, Snowsport Scotland is now seeking candidates to apply for the following positions:


  •          Non-Executive Independent Chairperson
  •          Chief Executive Officer
  •          Non-Executive Alpine Director
  •          Non-Executive Nordic Director
  •          Non-Executive Director for Member Engagement

More information including details of these positions can be found here.

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