Telemark Coaching Awards

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Coaching Award Scheme Summary


Levels 1 & 2 are ‘dual awards’ and qualify our Instructors to teach both Telemark and Alpine skiing within the confines and remit of the awards at Artifical/Snow dome facilities in the UK.


It is very useful to note the underpinning approach to skiing standards for these awards. The Level 1 & 2 Instructors will have passed both the UKSS Alpine Levels 1 & 2 and the SSE Telemark Levels 1 & 2 Awards.   Level 1 instructors will aspire to the Level 2 standard which is viewed as ‘versatile skilful skiing’ in a ‘closed environment’ at Artifical/Snowdome ski slopes.


The Level 3 standard and expectation is for the same understandable picture of technical versatile skilful at Level 2 but now skiing and ‘leading’  groups in an ‘open Alpine environment’, i.e. an often unpredictable, hazardous, Alpine environment in complex ski resorts at home and abroad.


The Level 4 standard and expectation is for our coaches to be totally ‘adaptable’ and capable of making appropriate terrain choice to both ‘lead’ and ‘coach’ groups in this ‘open’ Alpine environment in complex ski resorts at home and abroad.


In essence the Level 2 standard of skiing is at the ‘core’ of all 4 awards.  Once a skier has achieved the required technical standard of skiing at Level 2, the main difference between Levels 2, 3 and 4 will be the ability of the skier to first lead (Level 3) and ultimately to both lead and coach groups (Level 4) in increasing more difficult and challenging mountainous terrain.  Skiers wishing to aspire to Level 4 will require a wide range of experience and underpinning knowledge to work and coach groups of skiers at home and abroad.



SSE Telemark Level 1 Instructor (Click for Full Version)
SSE Telemark Level 2 Instructor (Click for Full Version)
SSE Telemark Level 3 Coach (Click for Full Version)
SSE Telemark Level 4 Coach (Click for Full Version)


Before applying for an award please read these documents  -

Guidance Notes & Procedure for those applying for Level 1 or 2 SSE Telemark Award



If you already hold a recognised Instructor/Coaching award or if you already hold an award under the previous SSE Coaching Award Scheme, see if you are exempt from any of the SSE Telemark Award modules by contacting us at



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