UKSS - Level 2 Instructor


Once you have completed your level 1 award and you’ve gained some experience then you can consider the Level 2 award.

Level 2 Instructors are able to work with beginner’s right up to advanced skiers. They demonstrate a sound understanding of the sport and sufficient information and experience necessary to introduce skiers to the sport, to provide foundations for further learning and to take skiers forwards developing their skill and versatility. The award is intended for use only at indoor snow slopes and artificial ski slopes within the UK. These ski centres may be operated by clubs, local government or the private sector.

A Level 2 Instructor is authorized to work with skiers ranging from complete novice to skiers who are able to show continuously linked parallel turning and are ready to become more specialized in their development.


This award has three core components:

  • The Level 2 training course, this is delivered at a local ski centre and takes 2 days
  • Further workplace training. This involves you working with a mentor – a more experienced instructor or coach to develop your skiing and coaching abilities.
  • The Level 2 Assessment: Run over a day at selected ski centres the assessment includes your personal skiing performance, underpinning knowledge, observation and feedback.

Candidates must be at least 16 years of age and be licenced as a Level 1 instructor. Candidates with current, non Snowsport England instructing qualifications may apply to have their award recognised exempting them from the requirement to hold the Level 1 award.


To be licenced all coaches and instructors must:

  • Be registered with Snowsport England
  • Hold an appropriate first aid certificate
  • Have an appropriate DBS - see DBS disclosures
  • Have attended a safeguarding children in sport course
  • Every three years you are required to attend an appropriate course to update and refresh their qualification. In the case of the level 2 award that can be a one day refresher course or a level 3 training course.

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