​2017-18 Club Affiliations

It is that time of year to complete the annual club affiliation to Snowsport England. We are in the process of launching a new online platform which you should already be aware of. The rollout of this has been delayed slightly and we are currently testing the new platform with a couple of clubs to make sure that the user guide and system will be ready for a full launch.  This also links with the individual membership which has been delayed slightly and is being rolled out this week. We apologise for this delay and hope it doesn’t cause too much inconvenience.

The club affiliation should be ready to go on the 8th November. After the launch date we will allow you a full month to complete your club affiliation and the office will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. The insurance cover will be extended until this date and you will have exactly the same cover as currently provided.

The new system will allow your club to manage your membership and there will also be events and courses modules as well which will also be released shortly.

To affiliate your club please use the link here.

Snowsport England Club Affiliation fees for 2017/18 are

1-20 members

£100 plus £4  per member

21 - 100 members

£250 fee plus £4 per member from the 21st member

101 - 500 members

£650 fee plus £3 per member from the 101st member

501 – 1500 members

£1850 fee plus £1 per member from the 501st member

1501+ members

£3050 fee plus 50p per member from the 1501st member


Plus £250 for slopes that have a lift


Please click here to download the Club Member Data template

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