​2018-19 Club Affiliations

It is that time of year to complete the annual club affiliation to Snowsport England.

Snowsport England have now opened the club affiliation renewals for 2018/19.

Click here to download the Club Adminstrator Guide

This year’s process for this is as follows: 

1.      Complete online club affiliation form https://participant.snowsportengland.org.uk/clubaffiliation20182019

2.      Chair to confirm who should have access to the SSE membership system

3.      SSE will then set up club admin on the system and send log in details to authorised person/s

4.      Club to enter committee names onto the system (min mandatory roles)

5.      Club to check all names listed in the members area of the system are registered with the club and inform SSE of the ones that are incorrectly listed. 

6.      Pay invoice based on numbers declared

7.      Send in latest membership list to SSE  

8.      Confirmation received from SSE on club affiliation. Certificate will be uploaded to the documents section on the membership system

9.      Progress to use the online system with SSE support (not required for completion of affiliation for 2018-19)


Your members will have access to the Snowsport England members offerings, further information can be found here: https://snowsportengland.org.uk/Members_Offerings

If you would like information on discount codes please email will@snowsportengland.org.uk

To affiliate your club please use the link here.


Tutorial #1


Tutorial #2


Snowsport England Club Affiliation fees for 2018/19 are

1-20 members

£100 plus £4  per member

21 - 100 members

£250 fee plus £4 per member from the 21st member

101 - 500 members

£650 fee plus £3 per member from the 101st member

501 – 1500 members

£1850 fee plus £1 per member from the 501st member

1501+ members

£3050 fee plus 50p per member from the 1501st member


Plus £250 for slopes that have a lift


Please click here to download the Club Member Data template

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