Equality Statement

Snowsport England is fully committed to the principles of equal of opportunity and is responsible in ensuring that everyone who wishes to, has a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in all snowsport disciplines at all levels and in all roles of the sport; irrespective of their age, ability, disability, gender-reassignment, religion or belief, ethnic origin, nationality, social status, marital status and civil-partnership, sex, sexual orientation, pregnancy and maternity or political belief. This includes members, volunteers, participants, supporters, coaches and officials in the sport or as a job applicant or employee of Snowsport England and its constituent parts.

Snowsport England and its constituent parts recognise that discrimination is unacceptable and will not tolerate less favourable treatment as a result of direct or indirect discrimination.

Download Snowsport England’s Equality Policy here

The responsibility for equality within our sport does not stop with us and to be a truly open-for-all sport we each need to play our part. We want to equip you, the snowsports club, provider, or individual regardless of your role, with the tools and knowledge required to ensure you provide opportunities and an environment that truly promotes fairness and access for all. More support for clubs can be found under the club resource section of this website.

For any equality issues contact:


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