Get Involved

Getting involved is an easy process

To get involved in the wonderful world of snowsports you dont always have to slide and glide. You can get as much enjoyment from the sport helping others to get involved. Volunteers have always played a vital part in the sport and physical activity sector. Without them, most activity simply wouldn’t happen. Volunteers who give their time for sport and physical activity to happen enjoy many of the benefits associated with actually taking part. When someone provides their time, energy and expertise as a volunteer there’s a double benefit for those doing the activity and for themselves.

Below are some of the opportunities in which you can join in.


Whether you’ve already tried the sport and want to improve or simply want to learn, GO SKI GO BOARD is for you. There are a great number of slopes around the country where you can learn the basics or take your first steps into freestyle or racing if you’ve got the hang of it. Our dedicated website will direct you to your closest slope and get you up riding in no time.


Getting yourself signed up for lessons and learning from qualified instructors is the quickest way to progress and ensure your safety on the slopes. Lessons are fun and can be anything from 1 hour to 4 hours long depending on your fitness or time commitments – best of all everyone will be of similar ability in your group so you are all on the same journey together.

Join your local club

A club is a social place with group of like-minded people who are all interested in skiing or snowboarding. There are many clubs all across England who between them run holidays, lessons, flexible sessions, training and competitions as well as being able to provide advice on anything and everything snowsports related.


Pass on your Passion - Instructing and Coaching

Becoming a ski and snowboard instructor or coach can be extremely fulfilling, as you pass on your knowledge and love of our sport to those who are just starting out, or trying to develop themselves further. Whether you're teaching people to ski or snowboard for the first time, or helping them progress in a specific discipline, we offer a variety of qualifications as part of our coaching scheme.

The coaching award scheme supports the sport by training and grading coaches that work as various levels within clubs and organisations. This includes instructors providing short-term foundation training on artificial ski slopes and coaches who work with skiers on a long term basis (on artificial ski slopes and on snow).


Getting School Groups Involved

Leadership of skiing and boarding groups on the piste in snowsports resorts is both a challenging skill and a highly rewarding activity. The Ski Course Organiser (SCO) workshops and the Alpine Ski Course Leader (ASCL) award are designed for teachers and others who wish to take young people on Snowsport Courses to resorts of an Alpine nature.


Event Staff

Throughout the year we host a number of events from National Championships for various disciplines to events which are part of our on going campiagns to encurage more people into the sport. We use our weekly mailer to advertise these opportunities, you can sign up for these free here

Many of these roles require further training and DBS checks and Safeguarding Training.






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