Gloucester Club National Race Report

Written by Craig Speed, U21 Dry slope Ambassador

On Sunday 17th June, skiing began bright and early at Gloucester ski centre, with overcast predicted all day it could be anyone’s game. Open practice began and everyone got a feel of the slope once again, it was nice being able to see the improvements of the athletes over the winter period and who was determined to win. It was now time for the course setter, Lee Pascoe, to get in setting mode and go out and set an amazing course, which I would say all of the athletes enjoyed and gave some good racing throughout the day.

With the course set and inspection complete it was now time to begin the race, with the females starting. The race was getting good right from the beginning with the females putting down some good times, with Georgia Hallett and Eva Pascoe setting the first 17 second run we had seen all day, then Nicole Shering came down and beat Hallett by 0.05 seconds with a time of 17.62. Lauren Vale was next to go after these early leaders, however she couldn’t hold herself up and crashed out and had to hike unfortunately. Let’s see what the females can do in the second run. 

It came to the second female run and the pressure was on to take the lead into the final run, as club nationals are the better of the first two runs and last run combined. Hallett and Pascoe both set even faster runs with Pascoe taking the lead at this point with a 17.46. Shering came down doing a good run but happened to ski out unluckily dropping her down into third after the first two runs. Vale then had her chance to stay in and try and take the lead, however she skied out and had to hike again, but she went out trying which is all that matters in this game. Therefore after two runs the lead was Pascoe followed by Hallett with Shering in third.

Let’s see how the males are doing at this point, in the first run there was some very good racing throughout the mens, then it got down to the top 15 with Craig Speed leading the top 15 down setting the first 16 second run of the day, however that was soon to be lost by Harrison Evans who put in a nice run and beat Speed by 0.2 seconds. Then it was down to the last male skier Toby Case who skied a clean run and beat Evans by a further 0.2 seconds with a time of 16.23 seconds, it was all in for second run to try and beat Case.

For the second run of the day, Speed led out the top 15 again setting an even quicker time of 16.36 feeling in contention for a podium now after his not so good first run, Evans then came down straight after again and sped up as well gaining a time of 16.04 seconds. This left a lot of pressure on Case to try and break the 16 second barrier, which after such a really nice run with lots of drive and power through the ski he set a blistering time with 15.94 seconds. Leaving the overalls to stand as Case, Evans then Speed.

The U12/10s then did their runs through the stubbies, which was still a good race to watch with all the fastest females setting times in the 20 seconds region. This then meant after the first two runs it was stood as Kitty Jay-Caldwell was in first with Masie Rendell and Ellie Vimpany following behind. In the males U12/10s. The overalls stood as Harri Hodson, Harri Stiff, Aled Phillips. This led down to who could set the fastest time on the final run. In the end they all setting down respectable runs but the standings remained the same.

Right, it was now time to find out who was to win the main event with it all to play for in both males and females. With the females all at the top waiting to go; the race began and final run was underway. The females were looking very good, it was then down to the top four to play for the top spot. Bloom led the way setting a good time of 17.77, which was not to be known but was the fastest time of that run, Shering then followed needing to stay in to qualify for a podium. She tried her hardest but came out again regrettably. Then there were two, Hallett then put down a clean run of 17.80 which put into first with Pascoe to go, Pascoe then put down a solid time of 17.81 seconds just enough to maintain her lead.

This meant that Pascoe had won the race with Hallett in second and Bloom in third, with Shering being disqualified. 

It was now time for the male’s race, with some brilliant skiing from all the males it came down to the top 3 to see if anything would change, Speed left the gate and set a time of 16.40, similar to his previous run being consistent in time. Evans then left the gate and powered down the course, also setting a similar time to his previous of 16.06 seconds. It was all down to Case the pressure was on, can he maintain his lead. Case left the gate with power and aggression, driving the ski around every turn, he crossed the line, was it enough, and he was shaking his head knowing it wasn’t. He was correct he got a time of 16.27 seconds, which wasn’t quick enough and regrettably dropped him a place.

Therefore this put Evans in first, Case went into second and Speed took third.

The day was now complete and time to pack up and go home from a lovely day of racing, which was enjoyable and nice to see the improvements of all the racers.

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