The History of Snowsport England

During the 1960s the sport of skiing was developed and promoted by the National Ski Federation of Great Britain.

The growth of the sport and changing responsibilities led to a restructuring of this body in 1979/80. The N.S.F.G.B. encouraged and supported the emergence of the autonomous English Ski Council and charged it with the responsibility to develop the sport for all English skiers. The National Councils of Wales and Scotland had similar responsibilities.

The English Ski Council emerged in 1979 as the National Governing Body for England and English skiers, and together with the other three Home Nation Governing Bodies (S.N.S.C., S.C.O.W. and U.S.C.) formed the British Ski Federation in 1980, charged with the International representation of the members and policies of the Home Nation Governing Bodies. The Ski Club of Great Britain, the British Alpine Racing Ski Clubs, the Combined Services Ski Association and the British Association of Ski Instructors combined with the Home Nations in this Federation.

Recognised and directly grant aided by Sport England, Snowsport England was given responsibility for fostering and promoting the interests of English skiers and all aspects of their sport in England and overseas, through its members and interested agencies in the public and private sectors.

In 2002 The English Ski Council changed its name to Snowsport England to embrace Snowboarding. Snowsport England has been operating since 2002 fostering and developing English Snowsports.

Snowsport England is limited by guarantee and Register in England No. 1517634

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