Home Nations Align Snowsports Pathway

The UK’s snowsports home nation governing bodies, Snowsport England, Snowsport Wales and Snowsport Scotland have announced a two year initiative to align their instructor, coach and leader qualifications into a single set of UK awards, fully harmonised with other training associations servicing the snowsports workforce. This new initiative comes under a backdrop of closer collaboration between the home nations, BSS and other service providers to the snowsports industry. 

Trafford Wilson CEO of SSS says ”We are delighted to be part of this important project which is key to the simplification of the qualifications landscape, making them more accessible to more people and helping us better meet the workforce needs of our sport”. Tim Fawke, CEO of SSE confirmed their commitment to the initiative saying “Snowsport England is keen to continue the development of its coaching, instructing and leading pathways and make these world class. It is key that we do this in partnership with SSS and SSW so this initiative is a big step forward and will help us meet the needs of  the clubs and facilities in England and across the UK.” and Robin Kellen commented with “Snowsport Wales are excited to be involved in this initiative which will create improved opportunities for people to develop their skills and knowledge across the UK” 

Whilst the timeframe for the project is not yet fully determined, the new structure is hoped to be ready for piloting in Autumn 2019 and fully delivered in 2020.

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