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There's a whole host of benefits to being a Snowsport England member, including access to exclusive offers with our partners, regular newsletters, and access to Snowsport Wales & Snowsport Scotland coaching courses and competitions.

Whether you want to support the development of the sport, the next generation of athletes or are involved within the sport, we have a membership that will suit you;

  • Supporter members,

  • Competitors,

  • Instructor & coaches,

  • Leaders

  • Officials

Snowsport England has the right membership for you to get the most out of skiing & snowboarding.

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Snowsport England 2017/18 Fees

Competitors (£10 discount if you are a member of an SSE affiliated club)



Alpine competitor under 12


Freestyle competitor under 16


Snowboard competitor under 16


Nordic competitor



Alpine competitor 12 and over


Freestyle competitor 16 and over


Snowboard competitor 16 and over


Instructor / Coach



Trainee Instructor - Alpine and Snowboard


Freestyle coach under 18


Snowboard coach under 18



Alpine Instructor


Snowboard Instructor


Alpine Coach 18+


Freestyle Coach 18+


Snowboard coach 18+







Alpine Snowsport Course Leader


Snowsports Course Organiser

Read the Membership Terms and Conditions here.

Read the Membership Terms and Conditions here.


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