Snowsport England Roller Ski Events 2018- Lancaster

A massive well done to the team for another successful Roller Ski course held in the sunny Lancaster. Here are some photos and kind words from the participants:



I registered for the SSE Roller Ski Skills Course with the ambition of switching from classic to skating and being able to join the club trips around the North West.

I had an initial shock when I saw my beginner’s registration had been changed to intermediate. After trying to pre-alert the fracture clinic at the nearest casualty, I entrusted my soul to Saint Simeon, patron of crazy man, and tried to do my best.

The group was a mix of more experienced rollerskiiers, returners from injury or inactivity, and classic skiers looking for a change. It was a relaxed and enjoyable group.

Our energetic instructor put us through a multiple drills, with poles, without poles, skating, on classic technique...  trying to refine each movement to make us more efficient and safe. The early training in grass breaking was certainly welcomed by me and even some other more experienced skiers.

The second day was much longer, with a mix of classic style to build up on double poling and progression techniques uphill on V1. In the morning, the sides of my ankles were still sore from the previous afternoon session, but at least I had not gone running in the morning “just in case we were too static during the sessions”. The course was physically demanding although allowed for rest time between exercises. There was some helpful video recording, including myself trying to practice diagonal strides, which I hadn’t practised since February, and that to the trainee instructors likely looked like Charlie Chaplin in skates. The group finally split to give more specific attention to the different abilities of the participants.'

The circuit in Lancaster was in good condition and it was really good to see other groups doing drills according to their level, from very beginners to the more experienced trying to complete their level 2 instructor training. I saw a few skiers “flying” on the circuit with what looked to me amazing technique.

The best part of the course was the personalised suggestions we received from the instructors, targeting our areas of improvement. Now we all have a long list of drills to work on our own time and, as our instructor told us the first day, we had felt at least for a second how proper  roller skiing feels like.

Finally, dinner was really five stars, with good food and excellent company with whom we chatted about skiing, trips, environment, literature... It did highlight how good it would be to share a few days with them in a little hut in the Alps or Norway. By the time Mr Grey wanted to explain the literary excellence of 50 shades of Grey, seeing midnight approaching fast, I thought wiser to leave for a proper rest and left the grown-ups to discuss over such contentious matters.

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