Race Entry

All entries should be made via the SSE online entry system.

The official closing date was Monday February 4th.

Due to the high number of entries, we are not accepting late entries for the U14/16 races. Late entries for U10/12 and FIS racers are currently being accepted with a late entry fee applied.




Entry Criteria

To participate in the English Alpine Championships, British competitors in age groups U14 and above must be registered with their Home Nation. 

All U18, U21, Senior and Masters Racers are reminded that they must be FIS registered to take part in these championships (please note that a FIS Masters registration is not the same as a FIS Alpine registration). Applications for the appropriate licence should be made direct to British Ski and Snowboard as soon as possible and at least three weeks prior to the closing date. The Organising Committee accepts no responsibility for any failure of competitors to ensure that their FIS registration is valid.

Competitors in the U12 and U10 races must have either signed the British Athlete’s Declaration or be registered with their Home Nation.

All competitors must have a current insurance policy that permits them to ski race. The Organising Committee may require proof of insurance such as a valid governing body race licence or an independent certificate of insurance.The Organising Committee reserves the right to refuse entry to skiers who do not possess seed points and who cannot demonstrate a minimum level of competence. Suitable evidence may include previous race results or a Coach’s certification.

How To Enter

All British entries must be made via the official online entry system, or if necessary using the official entry form (one per competitor). Entries will only be accepted if accompanied by the correct race entry fee.

Non-British FIS entries should be made through your National Ski Association on the appropriate NSA FIS entry forms in accordance with FIS regulations. Non-British U16, U14, U12 & U10s should use the standard entry form.

Terms & Conditions

Acceptance Lists

We have now published the Acceptance Bulletin where you can check all the latest information about the competition including a full list of entries accepted.

Acceptance Bulletin 7th Feb 2019

Acceptance of entries in the resort will be dependent on the entries already received and the snow conditions. Competitors are therefore warned that their presence in the resort will not necessarily gain them entry into the races.

Seed Points and Clubs

Our races will be run using BASS list 2019.3 which was published on Wednesday February 6th, so all information we use for start lists and results will be taken from that seed list. The list of registrations for that seed list (including club affiliations) were downloaded from HNGB registration databases at 1pm on February 6th.


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