Norfolk Snowsports Ski & Snowboard Cross 2018

Following on from last years event, the crew of parent helpers were assembled, plans drawn up and the club booked for the bank holiday weekend. With the sun shining down on the slope, we knew it was going to be a great evening and with food flowing from the Norfolk Snowsports Club kitchens, the helpers and competitors were well fed in advance of the racing while the dedicated few set out the course.

Thanks to the clubs dedicated Snowboard coaches and instructors, the snowboarders have seen plenty of training over the last few months getting them race ready for this challenging event. Our local skiers have also had lots of performance training from our wonderful instructors and coaches so were also race ready. With this much preparation, it was no surprise that the event was well supported as on the night we saw entrants from as far a field as Yorkshire and London and competitor numbers approaching the thirty’s.

This years course was designed to be more forgiving for the novice racer yet fast enough to challenge even the seasoned Ski-X / Board-X competitor. Out of the starting gates the first obstacle was the roller. Competitors were then squeezed together into the first turn that sent them into the Fun Park. At this point they had two routes either side of the big kicker and then out of the park. Taking the left route proved beneficial to some but as the sun went down, it soon became the faster route. Out of the park and down across the slope to the first row of mini kickers. Ten meters later was the final line of mini kickers and then across the line.

After a slight blip with the bib issue, the racers were soon charging down the hill. 
Starting the event, brothers Alfie and Harry where first out of the gate. The brothers charged there way, head to head down the exciting course showing everyone else just how it is done. To keep things nice and fresh, we rotated between mini skiers, snowboarders and junior skiers meaning that all our spectators were kept entertained.

With our racers completing the first lap, things started to get a bit serious and our competitors started to push themselves even further. This led to a few close shaves, especially from our boarders when the pole position rider took a tumble just before the finish line.

After all our riders had completed against each other, we finally had a list of riders and skiers ready for the small and big final. For those not in the know, the big final comprised of the fastest four and the small final comprised of the fifth fastest to the eighth fastest. This meant that as many people as possible had the chance to win a medal.

One of the most exciting final runs of the night was the Snowboard small final. Positions changed constantly as our exhausted Snowboarders battled for positions. Andy Smith got a brilliant start and led the pack into the fun park. Surprisingly, young Maddie Edmonds appeared out of the park first and was all set to win when she fell on the last kicker. This gave Jamie Halliday all the opportunity he needed and he launched across the line to take first place.

With the sun not fully set, the judges laid out the final positions and it was up to the bar for prize giving.

Skiers :-

Under 12’s / Super Minis :-

1st - Harry Wemyss
2nd - Harry Croft
3rd - Austin Talon

Under 12’s Small Final :-

1st - Rhys Saunders
2nd - Thomas Barlett
3rd - Ewan Gibbs
4th - Alfie Croft

Under 12’s Big Final :-

1st - Thomas Halliday
2nd - Charlie Cooper
3rd - Christian Bradley-Foster
4th - Imogen Lincoln

Over 12’s :-

1st - Alfie Sadler
2nd - Ryley Edmonds
3rd - David Wood
4th - Andy Fierman

Snowboarders :-

Small Final :-

1st - Jamie Halliday
2nd - Maddie Edmonds
3rd - Sam King
4th - Andy Smith

Big Final :-

1st - Finlay Knowles
2nd - Christie Fierman
3rd - Kevin Smith

See James Bartletts excellent photos here -

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