Parents In Sport Week 2018

1-7 October 2018. 

This is an NSPCC and Child Protection in Sport Unit (CPSU) initiative.  

It gives clubs the opportunity to showcase your club’s creativity and build positive relationships with parents and carers. Last year at least 5 clubs took part and used the opportunity to promote the great work parents in sport do.  Does your club want to get involved in 2018?  Let us know if you do!  This year it will be concentrating on 3 themes: 

1) Ensuring parents recognise their role in keeping children safe in sport.  It’s a big decision for parents to leave their child in the care of someone else. They’re asking sports organisations to provide the information that parents need to make an informed choice about the club or activity their child attends and what to do if they have a concern.

2) Help parents understand how to positively influence their child’s enjoyment and wellbeing in sport

They’re encouraging parents to look at how their behaviour and involvement influences their child’s enjoyment of sport, through the resources on their website.  Sports will be asked to help create a positive environment for children and parents in sport by having a no tolerance policy on poor parental behaviour.

3) Encourage clubs to engage and involve parents in their child’s sport

This is a chance for clubs and coaches to showcase their creativity, and show how they will engage directly with parents. Why not try something new?  It could be an event for parents, or a change in policy that ensures parents are more involved in the sporting lives of their children.  They’ll be asking sports to share their efforts to involve parents during the week with the hashtag #InvolvingParents on social media.  Please also tweet us your stories [@snowsporteng] or share them on our facebook page (


Website –  Please also look at the safeguarding pages of our website for safeguarding information for CWOs, Clubs, coaches, children and parents, training, DBS disclosures and how to report a concern.  There are lots of templates and resources too.  Do let us have feedback, good or bad!

What do parents look for in a Sports Club?  To help you understand better what you should be offering, have a look at the information the CPSU provide for parents looking for a club for their child. 

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