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Snowsport England works with its Home Nation partners (Snowsport Scotland and Snowsport Wales) and the British Governing Body (British Ski and Snowboard) to deliver the performance pathway in Park & Pipe.

The performance pathway is designed to guide selected athletes to train and where appropriate, compete in freeski and freestyle snowboard events.

There are three levels of selection: 

Home Nations Academy: Athletes who are showing talent when skiing or snowboarding at their local slope or club and who are identified as having the potential to progress along the performance pathway. Selection is open to any athlete who meets the criteria and can demonstrate this with video evidence. The Home Nations Academy meets regularly in England with off-snow training sessions in Loughborough. Athletes selected to the Home Nations Academy can attend training camps abroard at select times during the year.

GB Development Team: Athletes at this level will have trained and likely competed in a mountain environment. They will be displaying potential to progress towards the GB Park and Pipe Main Team. This level requires a big commitment from athletes and you can be expecting to spend much of the winter in the mountains training and developing your skiing and snowboarding.

GB Park and Pipe Main Team: The pinnacle of the sport is the GB Park & Pipe Main Team. From this squad, teams are selected to compete in World Cup, World Championships and Olympic Games (separate selection policy). Athletes in this squad will be full time athletes training and competing around the world in recognised events.


The diagram below illustrates the talent pathway for the Park & Pipe (ski and snowboard).




Championship Ski and Snowboard (CSS)

Championship Ski & Snowboarding (CSS) is the first competition series of its kind to be held and is brought to you by the GB Park & Pipe team.

CSS brings the British freestyle snowsports community together by providing a competition platform in the format of an online video league consisting of teams from all over the UK competing against each other for cash prizes and the respect of the freestyle snowsports community.

Crews representing their local slope compete against other teams from all over the UK by submitting videos of their best tricks filmed at their local indoor or dryslope scene. Footage will then be judged, scored and edited into “matches” which will then be live on the CSS website and shared across social media.

Championship Ski & Snowboard is the brainchild of Hamish McKnight, head snowboard coach of the GB Park and Pipe Team – an idea he first had in 2010. Hamish has been trying to find a competition structure that supports what lies at the heart of the core scene – doing tricks, having fun and being able to show them off to everyone.

CSS provides the opportunity for freestyle snow sport communities to come together and enjoy competing naturally against each other without the cost of having to travel to competitions. We are not asking anything more from you than to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, ideally to a high level!  This is a chance for your local scene to showcase your talent nationally.



Futures Project is aimed at developing skiing or snowboarding skills in young people aged 6-18 years old. Futures Project is made up of the Futures Snow Award and Futures Sessions - it's a collaboration between the following partners:


Check out












Selection Information

All athletes are required to submit an application including links to video footage and a copy of their current Traffic Lights tracker in support of their application. To complete the tracker accurately below use the information below. 

Download the Park & Pipe Selection Policy for 2018-19

All existing athletes are required to submit their applications at the start of spring each year. Exact date will be confirmed.


Please click here for the Application form


Please download and complete the appropriate Traffic Lights Tracker before emailing to . Please fill in the "Info" tab first before the TL Tracker. The TL Tracker already has examples in there, delete them and complete with the correct information. Please use the current date for tricks which are already established, and all new developments can be tracked going forward.


Please click here to download the Freeski Traffic Lights Template

Please click here to download the Snowboard Traffic Lights Template

Please click here to download the 2018 English Slopestyle Championships Results

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