Information for You

We want you to have a great time taking part in snowsport activities!  Everyone at your club should be helping you have fun and develop new skills. 

When you join the club make sure you know who is who at the club.

  • Your coach, or instructor:  they are there to make you feel welcome and teach you new skills
  • The Club Welfare Officer or CWO: their job is to ensure the club is a happy and welcoming place for you to be.  If you are worried about anything, anyone is not being nice to you, or you are not enjoying your time at the club, you can speak to them and they will try to help you
  • Some clubs have “junior captains” or other young people whose role is to welcome new members, or make sure you know what time you need to be there, or which group you are in, how to borrow boots, skis or boards etc.

What you can expect at your club:

  • To feel welcome and safe in a friendly and happy club
  • To be looked after by experienced people who understand your needs
  • To receive praise and encouragement when you do well
  • To be given opportunities to learn new skills and build your confidence
  • To receive support and help in areas you are finding difficult
  • To be valued, respected and listened to if you want to say something (at an appropriate time)
  • To be able to say “no” if you do not want to do something
  • To be able to say “stop” if you do not like something that is happening to you.

If you are not happy, please tell your Club Welfare Officer or your coach or instructor and they will try to help.

Other people who can help if you need to talk are:

About Anything that is worrying you - ChildLine – 0800 1111

About being bullied: Kidscape       Relate     Bullying No way


Information for Your Parents

Choosing the right club for your child can be challenging!  You want to ensure first and foremost they are happy and safe.  Questions you might ask include:

  • Are all your instructors/coaches qualified?
  • Who is the Club Welfare Officer and what training have they had?
  • Do you have a Child Safeguarding Policy and procedures?
  • Who should my child tell if they are having problems at the club?

The Safeguarding Leads of all the National Governing Bodies in snowsport (SIBS) have produced guidance for parents on choosing a club.

The club should:

  • Welcome questions from prospective parents
  • Be happy for parents to watch their children and take an interest in the activities provided
  • Always work in an “open environment” and avoid situations where they are working with one child with nobody else around
  • Offer encouragement to children, focusing on the positive aspects and not always the negative aspects
  • Treat all the children fairly and not show favoritism or personally reward specific children
  • Use physical contact appropriately – eg it is appropriate to congratulate children with a high-five or similar gesture, but not necessary or appropriate to keep hugging children; helping a child up who has fallen over can often be safely done by asking “May I help you get up?” and then offering a hand and let the child take it rather than grabbing hold of the child and picking him/her up.
  • Have a qualified Club Welfare Officer and this person should be made known to you
  • Have policies and procedures, codes of conduct for staff, children and parents, so all parties know what is expected of them
  • Ask you to fill out a membership form and provide medical details about your child, emergency contact details for you, permission for the use of photographs and videos and give them permission to act in “loco parentis”
  • Not offer to take your child in their car
  • Not have a “win at all costs” attitude
  • Not communicate with your child by text, social media or telephone – all communications should be via you, the parent.

Once you find a good club you may like to get more involved?  Clubs are usually looking for people to help at events, join the Committee or help with fundraising activities.

If you or your child has any concerns, in the first instance you should talk to your Club Welfare Officer.  Snowsport England also has a Safeguarding Lead you can contact or telephone 01509 232323.

Other sources of help:

Kidscape – helpline for adults concerned about bullying – 08451 205 204

And workshops for children being bullied

NSPCC Freephone – 24 hour helpline for adults concerned about a child – 0808 800 5000.


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