Safeguarding Resources, Guidance, Templates & Videos

Snowsafe - Download

Snowsport England’s Policy for safeguarding children - everyone involved in snowsport must abide by it.

SnowSafe 2017 Manual for Clubs - Download

The Snowsafe Policy, plus all the information a club needs to provide a welcoming, child centred environment at their club – all in one handy manual



Appointing and Training a Club Welfare Officer - Download

Appropriate Communication, Social Media and E-Safety Guidance - Download

Checklist for CWOs - Download

Creating your own Club Safeguarding Policy Statement - Download

Child Abuse - Download

Child Abuse – recognising, responding, recording and reporting - Download

Children at Increased Risk of Abuse - Download

Club Welcome Leaflet - Download

Coaches and Others Working or Volunteering with Children - Download

Codes of Conduct - Download

Confidentiality and Information Sharing - Download

DBS Disclosures - Download

Dealing with Media Enquiries about an Alleged Incident - Download

Grooming - Download

Managing Challenging Behaviour - Download

Missing Children - Download

One Day Events - Download

Organising Safe Trips Away - Download

Photography and Video Guidance - Download

Physical Contact - Download

Positions of Trust - Download

Promoting Good Practice - Download

Role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO or DO) - Download

Safeguarding and a Club’s Duty of Care  - Download

Safeguarding Training Requirements - Download

Safer Recruitment – Download

Snowsport England’s Safeguarding Policy Statement - Download

Supervising Children - Download

Transporting Children - Download

Whistle Blowing - Download



Accident Report Form – Download

Anti-bullying Policy - Download

Application form for role at Club – Download

Club Code of Conduct and Ethics for Coaches - Download

Club Safeguarding Statement Poster - Download

Club Welcome Leaflet - Download

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Volunteers and Officials - Download

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Parents - Download

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Members and Guests - Download

Code of Conduct for Children (General Members) -  Download

Code of Conduct for Athletes – Download

CWO Welcome Letter to new Junior Members’ Parents - Download

Incident Report Form for Safeguarding Concerns - Download

Junior Club Membership Form – Download

Photographic Policy Template for Clubs – Download

Photographic Policy Template for Larger Events - Download

Recording Form for DBS Disclosures - Download

Recruitment Policy Template – Download

Reference Request Letter – Download

Safeguarding Contact Details - Download

Safeguarding Policy Statement for Clubs – Download

Social Media - Download

Transport Policy Statement – Download

Welcome to Our Club Poster - Download


Useful Links

CPSU Website – Lots of information about child protection and safeguarding in sport - Click here.

Legislation for Child Protection in England - Click here

Anti-bullying activities and exercises - Click here

Safeguarding Adults in Sport – Ann Craft Trust - Click here.

Children at High Altitute - Managing the Risk - Click here


Resources Produced By Children

Sharks' Code of Conduct for Young People - View here


Video Clips to Reinforce Safeguarding

"My Magic Sports Kit" - Video to show club parents - Watch here 

"Football Reporting Concerns" - video for CWOs, club staff and parents.  Although this is about football, the principles are the same for snowsport - Watch here 

"Positive Parents" - video for coaches and clubs to understand parental commitment - Watch here  

"Pushy Parents" - video demonstrating how pushy parents do not help their child, or others - Watch here 

"Positive Sports Parents" - video with messages for parents of athletes - Watch here 

"Interview with Keegan Hirst" - first openly gay rugby league player - Watch here 

"Interview with Andy Woodward" - video demonstrates the importance of listening to children, and why elite sportsmen/women are particularly vulnerable to abuse - Watch here 

"Bullying" - video to help staff understand what to do about bullying - Watch here 

"Inappropriate use of social media"  video to help staff understand why social media use requires Codes of Conduct and what to do if they are breached - Watch here 

For more videos visit the Child Protection in Sport Unit website resource library.

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