Safeguarding Resources, Guidance, Templates & Videos

Snowsafe - Download

Snowsport England’s Policy for safeguarding children - everyone involved in snowsport must abide by it.

SnowSafe 2017 Manual for Clubs - Download

The Snowsafe Policy, plus The SnowSafe Manual for Clubs has been updated to incorporate the new WTSC 2018 legislation, DPA 2018, changes in names of organisations, and updated forms.



Appointing and Training a Club Welfare Officer - Download

Appropriate Communication, Social Media and E-Safety Guidance - Download

Checklist for CWOs - Download

Creating your own Club Safeguarding Policy Statement - Download

Child Abuse - Download

Child Abuse – recognising, responding, recording and reporting - Download

Children at Increased Risk of Abuse - Download

Club Welcome Leaflet - Download

Coaches and Others Working or Volunteering with Children - Download

Codes of Conduct - Download

Confidentiality and Information Sharing - Download

DBS Disclosures - Download

Dealing with Media Enquiries about an Alleged Incident - Download

Grooming - Download

Managing Challenging Behaviour - Download

Missing Children - Download

One Day Events - Download

Organising Safe Trips Away - Download

Physical Contact - Download

Positions of Trust - Download

Promoting Good Practice - Download

Role of the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO or DO) - Download

Safeguarding and a Club’s Duty of Care  - Download

Safeguarding Training Requirements - Download

Safer Recruitment – Download

Snowsport England’s Safeguarding Policy Statement - Download

Supervising Children - Download

Transporting Children - Download

Whistle Blowing - Download



Accident Report Form – Download

Anti-bullying Policy - Download

Application form for role at Club – Download

Club Code of Conduct and Ethics for Coaches - Download

Club Safeguarding Statement Poster - Download

Club Welcome Leaflet - Download

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Volunteers and Officials - Download

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Parents - Download

Code of Conduct and Ethics for Members and Guests - Download

Code of Conduct for Children (General Members) -  Download

Code of Conduct for Athletes – Download

CWO Details for Website - Download

CWO Welcome Letter to new Junior Members’ Parents - Download

Incident Report Form for Safeguarding Concerns - Download

Recording Form for DBS Disclosures - Download

Recruitment Policy Template – Download

Reference Request Letter – Download

Safeguarding Contact Details - Download

Safeguarding Policy Statement for Clubs – Download

Social Media - Download

Transport Policy Statement – Download

Welcome to Our Club Poster - Download


Useful Links

CPSU Website – Lots of information about child protection and safeguarding in sport - Click here.

Legislation for Child Protection in England - Click here

Anti-bullying activities and exercises - Click here

Safeguarding Adults in Sport – Ann Craft Trust - Click here.

Children at High Altitute - Managing the Risk - Click here


Resources Produced By Children

Sharks' Code of Conduct for Young People - View here


Video Clips to Reinforce Safeguarding

"My Magic Sports Kit" - Video to show club parents - Watch here 

"Football Reporting Concerns" - video for CWOs, club staff and parents.  Although this is about football, the principles are the same for snowsport - Watch here 

"Positive Parents" - video for coaches and clubs to understand parental commitment - Watch here  

"Pushy Parents" - video demonstrating how pushy parents do not help their child, or others - Watch here 

"Positive Sports Parents" - video with messages for parents of athletes - Watch here 

"Interview with Keegan Hirst" - first openly gay rugby league player - Watch here 

"Interview with Andy Woodward" - video demonstrates the importance of listening to children, and why elite sportsmen/women are particularly vulnerable to abuse - Watch here

For more videos visit the Child Protection in Sport Unit website resource library.

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