Telemark Skiing

Interest in Telemark racing has grown steadily over the last few years due both to the evolution in the equipment and to the increase in indoor snow centres.

The equipment has evolved enormously and in many ways has almost morphed into Alpine gear so that most Alpine racers can easily make the transition to Telemark.

Over the last few years the BSS in conjunction with the SSE Telemark Development Committee have run a series of races called The British Indoor Telemark Race Series and they are held during the summer at four indoor snow centres - Manchester, Tamworth, Glasgow and Hemel Hempstead.  Most of these are weekend events and the races are preceded with Telemark Festivals where the country's top Telemark coaches are on hand to give instruction for beginners to experts.

Photo: Chris Stewart

The races are known as Classic Sprints and consist of a GS slalom course which has a jump at halfway and a short skating section up the slope to the finish.  It's a real test of several skiing skills.  Points for individuals and for teams are accumulated over the series and prizes awarded in the usual age categories.  Successful racers can progress to



The British Telemark Championships are held annually in the Alps in January


 Photo: Jaz Taylor

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