Winter Sports Foundation Pipeline Project

For the past three seasons Team Evolution & The Winter Sports Foundation have worked together closely to help fund athletes participating at an elite level, through initiatives such as the supply of bespoke personal funds, the award of cash grants at the Team Evolution Speed Series and individual athlete bursaries. 


This ever-developing relationship has taken another step forwards this month, when we were approached by the charity with the question; How can two of the leading organisations in their respective fields help to increase participation at a grass roots level, giving access to the sport to those who would otherwise not have the opportunity. 


Our solution was to create the Winter Sports Foundation Pipeline Project, a fully funded initiative designed to take school children with no experience of winter sports onto the slopes and through the first stages of learning to ski, with an aim of introducing them to racing within 12 months. 


For the first stages of the project, which has trialled in North London and the surrounding area, two secondary schools have selected 32 children between years 7 and 11, and a four week, eight-hour programme has been designed to allow them to put down their pens and paper for an afternoon and replace them with skis and boots. 


The first session of the Pipeline Project was completed at Gosling Ski Centre, with a selection of staff from Team Evolution and The Winter Sports Foundation on hand to help put the students through their paces. All students were complete beginners experiencing their first taste of snow sports, but showed buckets of enthusiasm and were all ecstatic to be taking part in the challenge, progressing faster than expected. 

With a focus on teaching brand new basic skills that will help form the foundation of a school’s race team at a later date, the Team Evolution coaches concentrated on getting all the little details right. students mastered the ability to stand on the ski correctly, side step up the hill unassisted and control speed with a basic snow plough glide. It was certainly a different challenge to what we are used to, but the smiles on the faces of the students showed it doesn't matter if you are a seasoned racer or a complete beginner – there’s nothing quite like the rush of getting it right on skis! 


The students final challenge was to take part in the London Schools Races held in Welwyn Garden City. This was an amazing accomplishment for any beginner skier to take part in! Next year we plan on doing the same thing with all the trainees. Completing the races left the children feeling they had accomplished something amazing! 


We are excited to continue to support The Winter Sports Foundation with this project over the coming weeks and months, and look forwards to working with these students to get them to the level required to race down a slalom course by spring time, participating in a sport that they would not otherwise have access to. 


The Winter Sports Foundation are committed to helping increase opportunities for enthusiastic skiers at all levels, and Team Evolution is proud to work in partnership with the charity to help provide coaching for projects like this, alongside the work we do at the elite level of the sport. 


For further information on The Winter Sports Foundation or Team Evolution please contact

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